London Escort Annabelle


Posted July 11, 2017

The not so holy Trinity 

A few text messages sent back and forth an old work colleague, friend of a friend. Boyishly good looking, older than me, perfectly groomed with a Hollywood smile. Alex, beautiful Alex.

“Let’s have a threesome? 2 boys and a girl”

Pictures were sent, conversations over coffee, mutual friends and I discussed the potential course of events. 
“ But- Alex, he is in to boys’

My ultimate fantasy, two men all for me. Greedy, delicious. Here I was presented with the perfect scenario, an effeminate man curious about women and his new friend an alpha male also bicurious, all for me. 
I conceded, a date set.

I spent the day considering a cancellation, I was in two minds about it but two men all for me. How could I decline? I can be so choosy, these two complied with my prerequisites, if a party such as this were to occur. 

Curiosity, desire, opportunity many contributing factors. My loins yearned in expectation for what could be. 

I felt that I needed new armour, to feel untouchably perfect, in lingerie so delicate and unattainable, you would lick your lips but dare not touch,
in case like a snow flake it may crumble by the heat of their finger tips. I wanted to unravel, at my own pace and show in my own time.

A full length lace gown, commencing from the neck, embracing my body delicately and tightly to the ground, virginal, embroidered flowers and see through. Old glamour, tanned skin contrasting the ivory lace. This is my armour. Bought.

To be continued...

I would love to write more and continue this said anecdote but it is late. I need all my strength for future adventures that await me. Enjoy this meanwhile and imagine what may or may not have happened in the following hours of that summers night.