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British Escort Annabelle Knightly

Posted June 09, 2019

This has been playing in my head all morning...

"Don't you want somebody to love

Don't you need somebody to love

Wouldn't you love somebody to love

You better find somebody to love"

Somebody to love by Jefferson Airplane...

The British summer time quickly approaches us!

It's like we become a whole different species all together. We no longer hide in dark corners in the tube, behind our kindles, Iphones, or which item/person/animal suits...but we look up; Love you feel is in the air! We are open, engaging and sometimes burnt neon red...(that's more in Spain) Still a sign we are finally out.

It's an exciting time, it's festival season, opera, out door cinema, tennis! The amount of activities are endless. Let's go together and enjoy London at its absolute best.

Also...more exciting news : I am now hosting on Monday's at a discreet London location.

I will be in London from now until the end of July!


Email me as always with dates, even if they are months in advance, that better suits me and let's arrange and unforgettable summer!

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Thank you for your ongoing love, support and fun memories!


Annabelle Knightly