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Posted March 18, 2019

Lovers you have been a little neglected over the last year. Putting and end to my silence and winter hiatus, a little update is in store.

Always happy to be back in London, the big smoke and the carnal pleasures that my lovers bestow, may not go amiss. I need escapism just as much as they request it, if not sometimes more!

The holiday home in Spain, is now ready and regular visits are a must for me. Enjoying the great outdoors with a mixture of sailing, barbecuing and immersing myself in the mediterranean way is now fortunately, a part of life.The winds have been gracious enough to whisk me away in that direction.

My tan is deeper than ever, my hair will naturally lighten through the year and I gradually become healthier by adopting a slower pace way of life. I am that tad bit happier.

My sparkling, big-brown, eager eyes, followed by my warm embracing smile, will greet you as always, that whimsical mischief, more ardent than ever. Having a place to escape raucous city life, has made a huge difference.

I have a photo shoot set for April as I do look quite different since my last shoot in September. I am sun kissed, my beachy waves are returning and I have adopted a more natural aesthetic. Quite frankly, I don’t really know how I managed to stand previously. Being a Grand Horizontal doesn’t mean I must permanently adopt the position. There is a virtue in being vertical.

Thank you for the love and support to those who made this change possible.

Meanwhile, I have considered for the few weeks I am in London to perhaps add a few selfies. We shall see if you are lucky enough to convince me.

I will be avoiding the soaring temperatures of Europe during summer so be sure to find me in London. I depart just before Easter as Catholics celebrate in style. Minus the guilt, at least for me.

Lots of sinful treats in store this year, I feel stronger, healthier and sexier. I look forward to sharing that new found shine as I feel quite resplendent.

Annabelle x