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Posted July 01, 2018

I have not blogged for what feels like almost a year.

Today's post is more of a stream of consciousness and forgive me for the lack of academia, or references to the debauched. I am also just writing straight and will not be re editing this piece.The private companion world has not been a priority of mine over this time as I have concentrated on other projects.

Those that are close to me and my lovely supporters on social media also know that I have become a full time carer to my elderly mother. It has been a real pleasure to spend more time with her however, my care free wild days have definitely slowed down as my responsibilities have crept up.

Being dutiful, dotting and loving family members can sometimes come at a price. We can often forget ourselves. Not having enough time to remember who we are and what we like.

My close friends and once could call 'regulars' have been exemplary and patient.

I love being a girl friend for a hire as I know that it offers me escapism, something which you also need. I really can relate.

Sometimes enjoyment, can be quieter, more still and respectful to a more still presence of knowing that we just are.

I have enjoyed being a London escort, it has given me life, hope and connection as I can be otherwise shy.

Launching as an international travel companion two years ago has also expanded on my experiences and I look forward to visiting Asia either this year or next, as it would be a real pleasure. I was hugely influenced by Anime growing up in terms of my dress sense and visiting the Harajuku district in Tokyo would be an homage to my teenage self.

Being a High Class escort has truly given me such a varied life experience. Despite the fact I grew up living in 3 different continents, my desire to continue exploring never ended. Had I chosen any other path, it would have been quite difficult to give in to such pleasures and adventures.

That's a little snippet of my thoughts after a long silence...I will try and not let the pause be as long next time!


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Luxury Girl Friend / Girl friend Experience / Dinner Date Companion