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Posted August 26, 2019

Dear admirer,

Informing you that I am now back on the scene. This summer has been spectacular and my libido is electrically charged, as am I.

Revving up and going full throttle in London until September 21st when I shall depart for Turkey / Spain.

I managed to travel Europe on a bus like a 70's hippy, I have yet to enjoy tent life...which is reserved for this upcoming weekend at Cool Britannia Festival.

I can not complain 2019 has been an awakening one for me. I am back to work in my creative field, my dog is fluffy and beautiful (as always), my hopes and dreams are coming in to fruition. I am Blessed! as the reggae song says...

I do look forward to touching base with you, having a little rompy - pompy, whoopy! A trip to the theatre, yes please, fine dinning, avec moi? yes! Let's re-ignite. If you are time poor but love rich, only have an hour, I can host.

Monday's and Tuesdays I am able to host in Central London but can be flexible with other dates.

Let's get our diary to coordinate before I'm back on that plane and in a foreign land!

Your luxury girl friend,

Annabelle Knightly

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Posted July 23, 2019

Admirers, those that are near and far wishing a delightful summer break. I have now entered in to mine.

I am delighted to inform you, I will be staying in hostels, riding buses and sleeping in tents. A train ride will be considered a luxury. This is something I have never done. Wish me luck, please and thank you.

I grew up in a very strict and religious family (look at me now). I bi-passed all these activities. I feel there is a lot to learn from experiences such as these...I hope to brave it enough to perhaps experience Burning Man. Baby steps.

Expect pictures on Twitter, from the many adventures ahead.

My availability will be limited, as I am back forth from the continent however, I will be able to meet the occasional friend, as it's also a chance to escape the visiting family. Something, I am sure you are also experiencing.

Happy to inform you I am now on Captain 69, please add me to your wish list! I like their forum, the banter there, interesting debates happening.

"Everybody loves the sunshine" so hope you are out there enjoying the British heat wave.



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Posted June 09, 2019

This has been playing in my head all morning...

"Don't you want somebody to love

Don't you need somebody to love

Wouldn't you love somebody to love

You better find somebody to love"

Somebody to love by Jefferson Airplane...

The British summer time quickly approaches us!

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Posted April 09, 2019

Away on Easter holidays until the 23/04. If you must find me please travel to Spain. On the furthest peninsula of the furthest point, you will find a rare pink flamingo. When you understand that rare bird, you will know how to reach me. Trust me. You will know.

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Posted March 27, 2019

London and its many attractions. A leisurely morning, afternoon frisson or delectable evening entertaining all of your senses. Everything is on the menu for those with discernibly good, carnal-taste.

A quick list of my favourite places...

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Posted March 18, 2019

Lovers you have been a little neglected over the last year. Putting and end to my silence and winter hiatus, a little update is in store.

Always happy to be back in London, the big smoke and the carnal pleasures that my lovers bestow, may not go amiss. I need escapism just as much as they request it, if not sometimes more!

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Posted July 01, 2018

I have not blogged for what feels like almost a year.

Today's post is more of a stream of consciousness and forgive me for the lack of academia, or references to the debauched. I am also just writing straight and will not be re editing this piece.The private companion world has not been a priority of mine over this time as I have concentrated on other projects.

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Posted November 19, 2017

Successful, powerful and a high achiever. Now it’s time for you, just you. Care-free, fun, doing all the things you love to do. 

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Posted August 30, 2017

My dearest friends, September might just be the last month you catch me. As most of us girls do in this ancient profession, it being a transient one, we tend to move on or change. This moment is now quickly approaching us.

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