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Admirers, welcome to my emporium of delight.

Adventure, fun and laughter awaits you. An electrically charged, effervescent delight. Joie de vivre runs through my veins. I am passionate about connecting on a personal level and enjoying the finer delicacies life has to offer.

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As a modern day Geisha I provide a unique Girl Friend Experience, to the discerning gentleman.

Possessing a natural ability to make those around me feel relaxed and at ease is my forte so go ahead… make a reservation.

Indulging in the finer things in life, offering you that unwavering companionship which we all need need and desire, my priority is you. For further details on investing in your bespoke luxury experience.

Expressing ourselves freely is eternally liberating. I look forward to spending quality time with you and sharing moments in delectable ecstasy.

Annabelle Knightly
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Posted July 23, 2019

Admirers, those that are near and far wishing a delightful summer break. I have now entered in to mine.

I am delighted to inform you, I will be staying in hostels, riding buses and sleeping in tents. A train ride will be considered a luxury. This is something I have never done. Wish me luck, please and thank you.

I grew up in a very strict and religious family (look at me now). I bi-passed all these activities. I feel there is a lot to learn from experiences such as these...I hope to brave it enough to perhaps experience Burning Man. Baby steps.

Expect pictures on Twitter, from the many adventures ahead.

My availability will be limited, as I am back forth from the continent however, I will be able to meet the occasional friend, as it's also a chance to escape the visiting family. Something, I am sure you are also experiencing.

Happy to inform you I am now on Captain 69, please add me to your wish list! I like their forum, the banter there, interesting debates happening.

"Everybody loves the sunshine" so hope you are out there enjoying the British heat wave.



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Posted June 09, 2019

This has been playing in my head all morning...

"Don't you want somebody to love

Don't you need somebody to love

Wouldn't you love somebody to love

You better find somebody to love"

Somebody to love by Jefferson Airplane...

The British summer time quickly approaches us!

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