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Annabelle Escort in Soho now a a classic brunette

Posted December 16, 2016

My dearest readers,

Announcing this most important news, these lush ginger locks have undergone a transformation. They are no longer a fiery copper. We had our fun this year, these fiery locks and I, globe trotting away with this halo of fire surrounding me.

It has been an incredible year. To mark the end of it, change has already occurred. A non intentional mishap, the cherry red was meant to become a Honey-Blonde, instead the result was a Khaki-Green. Alas, one must improvise and women must be thrifty! Therefor, I have emerged from the khaki ashes of my spilt ends as a rather dashing brunette. Hoorah!!!

As soon as I manage to take a worthy enough picture for you my delightful nuggets, you rest assured, that pic will be uploaded for your pleasure!!!

Meanwhile, for a better understanding of my transformative powers, please do look at the gallery and note my brunette set.

Please bare with me and the site as I try and move images around, so there is more continuity and you can have a better experience visiting the site and understanding of what this particular damsel looks like! Ouh lala so mysterious …

A ginormous kiss to you, Annabelle x

Welcome to my world and thank you for taking an interest in my naughty endeavours!

I am a kookie, pretty and rather busty British escort, based in Central London (Soho) and getting up to no good is a huge interest of mine. Being openminded and possessing a natural ability to make those around me feel relaxed and at ease, is my forte so go ahead…surrender yourself, I’ll show you an off beat, fun and indeed a sexy time!