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Posted November 19, 2017


Successful, powerful and a high achiever,  Now it’s time for you, just you. Care free fun, doing all the things you love to do. 

You seek out companionship on one of those rare occasions when you have that very precious and high value thing called: Time. Enjoying spending that time with someone who respects that about you and is keen to explore, is priceless to you. The delights that come about those self assured men, which are comfortable with their own identity and know what they want, sets my heart on fire.

The interchange of two people, exchanging equally and respecting one another freely, in a none judgemental environment, celebrating life. Having both chosen each other as you, the gentleman seeks out and finds in my self the provider what you are looking for. As I am independent, I also have the choice to choose you, or not. Seek and you will find, ask and you will have an answer.

Having an affair is crass, dating when you do not have time, tedious. You know you have found the answer and you are proud, as you discover in me, your provider a self assured, intelligent, independent woman that knows how to enjoy life, just like you. 

A donation towards my lifestyle and a donation towards your wellbeing, a flawless transaction. You feel comfortable and at ease, as I share  the plethora of knowledge and wisdom in the arts of seduction, a massage of the body and the soul, leaving you lighter and unburdened.  
 Unlike a relationship, taking each other for granted is out of the question. You have the versatility of playing any game you like, at every moment your specific needs are met. A connoisseur, of luxury and indulgent matters, that a quintessential part and the foundation in my field. A Post Modern Geisha. Poetry, music, uninhibited love and absolute discretion all guaranteed. 

Mature men, understanding the nature of the 'oldest profession in the world' and I being a venerated member of it, as I loosely quote Rudyard Kipling, respected and understood. Comprehending that our liaison is temporary, the donation helps to clarify that very important fact. Mutual enjoyment and each other’s abilities to look after one another is part of the contract. Reviews, blogs, beautiful photographs all there for you to choose your lunar flare.

 Seeking out a companion is having the luxury of choosing a beautiful woman, tailored to your specific needs. The gentleman that has it all, an enterprising spirit, a visionary, one that celebrates women's bodies  with passion and knows how to enjoy his accomplishments, is the kind of man that can and will make the right choice. 

Yours Truly,

Annabelle Knightly

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Posted September 11, 2017


I was asked to define my sexual identity over Christmas last year. An abrupt question, it cut through me and I felt a novice. Finding  myself unable to answer, I explored different experiences, question in mind since then. Am I a Domme/Sub/Switch? 

Having worked for high end elite luxury agencies in the past, Girl Friend Experience was expression du jour. Occasionally a fun request for me to play the role of a strict Mistress, always enjoying it, I supposed then I was more dominant, I always felt very in control. 

The realisation then came that if I felt completely at ease and once trust completely gained, a true and natural sub would shine through. Playing the part of a sub, no. Not being tied up, spanked or any such matters, I just love to please, on my knees in any position, a little slut. A play partner indeed but still specialising in the Girl Friend Experience, my true calling.  

Friends I have met, all alike. We have traveled through these adventurous affairs. Always inquisitive and exploring the sensual side of life, we have thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. 

A classic beauty, soft curves, demure clothing and a lingerie selection to die for. A luxury companion which you could introduce to your parents and they would be utterly delighted. Big, brown sparkling doe eyes, effervescent innocence, gleams through. As long as you don’t kiss and tell, what happens in the bedroom, no one will ever know. 

I am highly discreet, a following of trusted friends are now firmly established, reviews, field reports as hard evidence you can now find on every corner of the internet. Intimacy, audacious fun am unrepentant libertine an experience to be remembered. 

This vocation, art of the tease is something I take seriously. A modern courtesan, geisha your play partner. I only strive to give you a relaxed, fun and off beat time, a place where we indulge in the aesthetic and sensual and explore each other’s secret desires. I started as a vanilla, sweet innocent thing and here I am slowly edging in to a femme fatale. I aim to please and play.

Understanding you, serving you, pleasuring you and submitting to you or dominating you, this is your time. My delight is to please and play.

To answer the original question,
“Am I a Domme/Sub/Switch? “ A sinner or saint? I can comfortably answer, a Switch with more of a leniency towards being a Sub and a master of the Girlfriend Experience. 

Contact me here to arrange our tryst and let us plan what is ahead. Blogs, twitter keep up to date with the latest info.

Yours truly,

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Posted August 30, 2017

My dearest friends, September might just be the last month you catch me. As most of us girls do in this ancient profession, it being a transient one, we tend to move on or change. This moment is now quickly approaching us.

September is the only month which will be easy for me to meet you. October, Hallow’s Eve is a night which I must celebrate, femme fatale that I am and other engagements shall immensely decrease my availability. 

New friends unless you are exemplary, arrayed with feedback, accolades or novel, I shall be decreasing on newbies. 

Trysts are now at a 90 minute minimum, as my friends and I always enjoy our fun, magical and un-rushed evenings.

I will only have one week free in October to meet, I advice you follow all the formalities which are completely necessary to ensure a date with your British bombshell Annabelle.

This mini luxury companion has her heart set on many a thing, my escort availability will be dramatically decreasing. I will also not be based in Soho from November. However, new location will still be in West 1.

I have had so much fun in Soho, meeting you, pleasuring you has pleasured me.

Keep up to date here on my website, or live up to date info on my Twitter account. 

Yours truly,


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Posted July 11, 2017

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Posted July 11, 2017

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Posted March 23, 2017

New images are now uploaded on to the 2017 gallery. 

Taken in February, with the latest lingerie collection by Agent Provocateur and my new elegant, bobbed hair which emphases my long delicate neck, framing my face, drawing attention to my big brown eyes.

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Posted December 16, 2016

My dearest readers,

Announcing this most important news, these lush ginger locks have undergone a transformation. They are no longer a fiery copper. We had our fun this year, these fiery locks and I, globe trotting away with this halo of fire surrounding me.

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Welcome to my world and thank you for taking an interest in my naughty endeavours!

I am a kookie, pretty and rather busty British escort, based in Central London (Soho) and getting up to no good is a huge interest of mine. Being openminded and possessing a natural ability to make those around me feel relaxed and at ease, is my forte so go ahead…surrender yourself, I’ll show you an off beat, fun and indeed a sexy time!